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Teaching Kitchens

In recent years, the medical & public health communities have discovered the importance of Teaching Kitchen programs. As they teach patients about food, cooking and nutrition, they’re finding success in managing patient health for the long term. But community Teaching Kitchens aren’t a new concept.

For over two decades, FamilyCook has spread evidence-based Teaching Kitchen programs across the US with positive outcomes – including sustained effect over time.


Research on Teaching Kitchens & Behavior Change

In our 20+ years in this space, as we refined our evaluations and curricula, we noted behavior change patterns. Thus, from our challenges and successes as pioneers in this space, Ten Communication and Delivery Methods that drive behavior change emerged.

This continued research, informed by nutrition educators, was well-received at Teaching Kitchen Collaborative Research Day. We continue to explore behavior change in collaboration with Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, Nutrition Department.

Our Ten Communication and Delivery Methods That Drive Behavior fit into the Process of Nutrition Education developed by Dr. Isobel Contento.

Teaching Kitchen projects across the US can now gain access to evidence-based tools resulting from our research. Interested? Read more about our Teaching Kitchen Support Services below….

Nutrition Education Infographic Preview

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Teaching Kitchen Support Services

Whether you have already established a Teaching Kitchen or are still in the design phase, FamilyCook Productions can help:

  • Design your Teaching Kitchen program elements specific to your targeted population. We guarantee measurable behavior change outcomes.
  • Assess your existing Teaching Kitchen project. We identify missing programmatic drivers of behavior change, then infuse them for measurable behavior change outcomes.

Experienced practitioners and those new to Teaching Kitchen methodologies:

FamilyCook is here to support you with our Teaching Kitchen Support Services. Below is a step by step summary of what we provide.

    1. First, we assess your Teaching Kitchen project aims, curriculum and current outcomes (or projected outcomes if you’re still in the design phase).


    1. We then identify gaps in project concept and curriculum that can be advanced with our Ten Communication and Delivery Methods. We’ll pinpoint any novel program elements that can be strengthened by these same 10 drivers.


    1. We also develop a cost-benefit analysis to determine the most efficient direction for program enhancement: 1) Infuse the missing drivers into current client programming; or 2) license of a FamilyCook program, if it’s more cost-effective.


    1. While designing activities in your programming, we embed design evaluation measures; this maximizes the likelihood of capturing metrics among willing participants.


    1. Our professional development infuses the behavior change theory/mechanism essential to each of our Ten Communication and Delivery Methods.


  1. We provide ongoing troubleshooting and support/consultation to address the typical challenges that arise when implementing new strategies and curriculum.



Join the Teaching Kitchen Community

We invite you to join our Facebook and LinkedIn networking groups. These spaces are for sharing best practices among practitioners and researchers. Measurable behavior change is a focus of these networks.

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More about Teaching Kitchens

In contrast with general cooking classes, Teaching Kitchens have the specific aim to educate the public on nutrition for lifelong health and wellness. They combat lifestyle-related conditions like obesity and diabetes. In order to be successful, they must produce measurable health outcomes. These outcomes come from hands-on food education, kitchen skill building and above all, behavior change. All this said, Teaching Kitchens are still an emerging concept. As such, the FamilyCook team blogs regularly to explore best practices, terminology, and more.

Check out our Teaching Kitchen Blog to learn more.