CHEFS for Change: Best Practices

CHEFS for Change: Best Practices


CHEFS for Change: Best Practices and Marketing

A big CONGRATS to the CHEFS for Change teams at ACE, George Westinghouse, New Settlement, Kurt Hahn and Victory Collegiate. The success of your snack bonanza is evidence that the energy of committed youth + professional presentation skills = BIG IMPACT!  We’ve grouped some great photos according to the best practices and innovations these sites have established. If your Snack Bonanza is yet to come, be sure to check out this stellar ideas:

Signage and merchandising designed by students about CHEFS for Change

Check out these excellent examples (clockwise from top left) from the students at ACE, George Washington, Victory Collegiate and Kurt Hahn


KH signage VCSignage

Execution – a clean and organized work space

As you see in these great examples, the students maintain a clean, visually pleasing space. (Clockwise from top left: ACE, George Washington, New Settlement and Kurt Hahn.)



Create a delicious and fresh signature sandwich

It’s not an easy task developing a recipe, but these students have come up with fresh, healthy and delicious signature sandwich ideas. (Clockwise from top left: ACE, Victory Collegiate, George Washington.)


Create interactive and clear messaging

The video says it all! Great job, ACE!

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