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Our youth-led approach is supported by national and local foundations, corporations, community partners, national research institutes and individuals like you. Thank you for your generosity to help us use ‘youth power’ to transform the health of communities far and wide.

Transforming lives. Inspiring healthy habits. Reversing obesity.

This is a tall order from any program – but FamilyCook has demonstrated all the above, time and time again, over 2 decades.  Yet the resources it takes to achieve such exciting outcomes, is contingent on the generosity of donors like you.  We are committed to supporting the communities who reply upon our programming and hope you’ll join us to make that happen.

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FamilyCook Productions supports youth and families in low resource communities with skills to cook affordable, delicious and healthful meals that transform their relationship with food.

Our turn-key, evidence-based and field-tested curricula have been replicated in more than 30 states nationwide, in over 350 sites, reaching over 300,000 adults and youth.


  • 77% of youth maintained improved dietary habits up to 7 years post program
  • 90% of youth positively influenced the eating habits of their family and friends
  • Participating youth averaged 10% higher school attendance than school average in 14 NYC schools


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