Look’s Who’s Cooking​

Look Who’s Cooking

Look Who’s Cooking is a ground-breaking elementary culinary and nutrition program. Students learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle by experiencing how families in diverse cultures approach food and cooking using fresh ingredients.

The curriculum is available electronically and is designed to be implemented by school or community group staff (trained and certified by us) to combat the growing obesity problem in youth. Innovative strategies include:

 The fifteen weeks of culinary/nutrition lessons are linked to the seasons across the school year.

 Multicultural program recipes utilize fresh ingredients, and emphasize nine nutritional priorities such as: breakfast, portion control, juices, fast food, food marketing, restaurants, and snacking.

 Several ‘family night’ lessons involve parents assisting their ‘young chefs’ to prepare a meal at school.

 No fancy kitchen necessary, “Look Who’s Cooking” is designed for the most basic learning environment.

Look Who’s Cooking is available in 2 versions:

  1.  In-school-time by grade with different strategies and recipes that are developmentally appropriate for each grade; or
  2.  After-school version for combined grades.

The in-school-time version is linked to generic K-5 educational standards for: language arts, social studies, science and always nutrition/health.


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Sample Lesson Plan

Annotated Table of Contents

 The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party involves parents and children cooking a celebratory meal at school. This is a family opportunity for appreciating nutritious food, cooking together and sharing experiences around the table.

Many schools use The Dinner Party to introduce FamilyCook programs to their school community. As a first step, it helps introduce the many spillover benefits of cooking as a family, including more quality family time, improved lines of communication, stronger familial bonds and better family nutrition. Everyone’s participation is very important to the success of The Dinner Party.

The project involves a series of lessons and homework activities that are designed to further engage the students in learning the key aspects of taste and healthful eating. The lessons culminate in The Dinner Party prepared and shared by children with their parents.

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Annotated Table of Contents

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