FamilyCook Productions Wins Robin Hood Foundation’s FUEL for 50 Challenge 

FamilyCook Productions Wins Robin Hood Foundation’s FUEL for 50 Challenge 

The award, valued at $1 Million, expands “Nibble with Willow™” Program in NYC 

 [New York, NEW YORK, April 9, 2024] – FamilyCook Productions is thrilled to announce it is a grand prize winner in the Robin Hood FUEL for 50 challenge, a three-year, $10 million initiative to bolster learning and development opportunities for young children living in poverty. As a winner, FamilyCook will receive an investment valued at $1 million to extend the reach of its transformative Nibble with Willow play-based nutrition program to more children and families across New York City. 

“This is a momentous occasion for FamilyCook Productions,” said Lynn Fredericks, Founder of FamilyCook Productions. “We are deeply honored to be recognized by the Robin Hood Foundation and to receive this significant funding that will enable us to further our mission of empowering children and families with essential culinary nutrition education.” 

The announcement of FamilyCook’s win comes at a critical time when an increasing number of children in the U.S. are grappling with food insecurity, exacerbated by rising food costs and the termination of pandemic relief programs. Particularly, food insecurity remains alarmingly higher in Black and Hispanic households and underserved communities. 

According to Robin Hood, out of the 2 million New Yorkers currently living in poverty, a quarter of them are children, with over 120,000 under the age of three. Through FUEL for 50, Robin Hood seeks to drive real impact by providing phased funding to support program development and capacity building among a cohort of nonprofits dedicated to addressing these pressing challenges. 

The Nibble with Willow program, developed by FamilyCook Productions, is a play-based program that uses seasonal recipes to introduce children to a diverse array of fruits and vegetables. Featuring Willow the bunny, a lovable character and hand puppet, the program makes learning about nourishing food an enjoyable adventure rather than a chore. It also provides families with cost-effective and innovative ideas to make healthier meals at home. 

“Nourishing children with nutritious food is not just about filling their stomachs – it’s about setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits,” remarked Lynn Fredericks. “Through Nibble with Willow, we aim to instill a love for wholesome foods in young hearts and minds, creating a ripple effect of positive change within families and communities.” 

Research has shown that the impact of Nibble with Willow not only creates positive influences on the food behaviors in children but also family members who buy into approaching meals differently once their child has gone through the program. 

Available in both English and Spanish, Nibble with Willow sessions are conducted for 20 minutes once a week or biweekly, fostering an engaging learning environment where children gather around the facilitator adorned with the magical apron housing Willow the bunny puppet. 

Different versions of Nibble with Willow cater to the specific needs of WIC centers, preschools, clinics and more, ensuring accessibility and adaptability across diverse settings and programs. 

“Nutritious food is vital for the growth and development of children,” emphasized Lynn Fredericks. “At FamilyCook Productions, we are committed to bridging the gap in childhood nutrition education, and this funding from Robin Hood will allow us to expand our reach and impact, ensuring more families embrace mealtime as family time to prepare and enjoy healthy food with seasonal ingredients.” 

FamilyCook is one of three grand-prize winners out of an initial cohort of 50 organizations. The other winners are Chances for Children and Forestdale. 

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About FamilyCook Productions 

FamilyCook Productions is a leading advocate for culinary nutrition education, dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to make healthier food choices. With a rich legacy of over 20 years, FamilyCook has impacted the lives of more than 30,000 families nationwide through the transformative power of cooking and nutrition education. 

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FamilyCook Productions Wins Robin Hood Foundation’s FUEL for 50 Challenge