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The Effective Virtual Teaching Kitchen: Why recorded videos fail to support behavior change

In the many rounds of assessing teaching kitchen curriculum for young children, adolescents and families over the past couple decades, our team at FamilyCook have observed that support from other participants is a key motivator for people to enact change. The support that participants provide to one another, suggestions they share for surmounting a range…
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FamilyCook’s Teen Battle Chefs Collaborate on New School Breakfast Items

New leadership will generally bring about change and, hopefully, new opportunities. When the new NYC Department of Education Chancellor came on board in fall 2018, healthy school meal advocates like FamilyCook began hearing some exciting overtures from OFNS!  Partnerships are on the rise and FamilyCook’s Teen Battle Chef program has developed an exciting opportunity to…
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USDA Announces Teen Battle Chef Included in the 2019 SNAP-Ed Toolkit!

As a result of the post 2008 recession stimulus funding added to the federal budget, one of the very largest federal nutrition education funding mechanisms has been SNAP-Ed. Shortly thereafter, the SnapEd toolkit debuted to provide a compendium of model evidence-based programs that states could use to ensure their Snap-Ed grantees would be running effective…
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FamilyCook Employs Youth to Strengthen NYC Summer Meal Participation

When it comes to employing summer youth, the NYD Dept of Youth and Community Development’s Summer Youth Employment Program is a huge boon to high school students who need experience in the responsibilities that come with entry-level employment. This summer, through support from the American Dairy Association North East, FamilyCook is delighted to hire 15…
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NYC Cornerstone Program

Teens + Police: Growing Trust One Spoon at a Time

There were a dozen teenagers in central Brooklyn wielding knives and fire in Tompkins NYCHA houses before officers of the NYPD were ushered in. But this time, the police were not there for law enforcement. Rather, they were invited by the youth themselves to judge and celebrate their Teen Battle Chef “Final Battle.” In recent…
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What New Research Can Mean for the Picky Eaters

What New Research Can Mean for the Picky Eaters  Thursday, 13 October 2016  Lynn Fredericks  Cooking With Children  1381 Hits  0 Comments From the moment we enter this world, our internal cues signal us when we are hungry and when we are satisfied. We are born with a sucking reflex so we can obtain nourishment.…
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What Will Food Policy Advocates Tackle Next?

What Will Food Policy Advocates Tackle Next?  Monday, 22 February 2016  Lynn Fredericks  Parent Stories  2604 Hits  0 Comments   In the late 1980’s, the headline of a restaurant industry trade magazine declared “She’s Outta There.”  “She” was referring to America’s mother, portrayed as hanging up her apron and exiting the kitchen. Where was she…
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“Cooking Buddies” Enhance Program Impact

“Cooking Buddies” Enhance Program Impact  Wednesday, 27 January 2016  Lynn Fredericks  News/Research Updates  2958 Hits  0 Comments In our 20 years of teaching cooking as nutrition education and family therapy, we’ve found that mixing ages can offer extraordinary group dynamics in the classroom and at home. Throughout the school day, children are grouped by their…
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Holiday RX: Collaborative Holiday Meals

Holiday RX: Collaborative Holiday Meals  Tuesday, 15 December 2015  Lynn Fredericks  Cooking With Children  2963 Hits  0 Comments This is the time of year when food is front and center in our lives. For some, it’s a license to indulge. For others, the focus is about their culinary traditions that reflect their heritage through time…
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A Solution for the Picky Eater: Multicultural Recipes

A Solution for the Picky Eater: Multicultural Recipes  Tuesday, 17 November 2015  Lynn Fredericks  Cooking With Children  3199 Hits  0 Comments   Picky eaters are not confined to children alone. Many finicky children grow up into adults who are averse to eating anything beyond the ubiquitous mac ‘n cheese, hamburgers, pizza, spaghetti, etc. In nutrition…
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