USDA Announces Teen Battle Chef Included in the 2019 SNAP-Ed Toolkit!

USDA Announces Teen Battle Chef Included in the 2019 SNAP-Ed Toolkit!

As a result of the post 2008 recession stimulus funding added to the federal budget, one of the very largest federal nutrition education funding mechanisms has been SNAP-Ed. Shortly thereafter, the SnapEd toolkit debuted to provide a compendium of model evidence-based programs that states could use to ensure their Snap-Ed grantees would be running effective programing with the federal monies.

In early 2019, SNAP-Ed announced a call for new interventions for the Toolkit. FamilyCook submitted our Teen Battle Chef program and it was selected for inclusion in the 2019 Toolkit update! Expected debut is August 2019!

Interested SNAP-Ed grantees can begin exploring ways to include TBC in your fiscal 2020 budgets now!

The Teen Battle Chef culinary nutrition program has been implemented in over 350 sites across 30+ states since 2006


  • PSE outcomes as well as individual student outcomes
  • Excellent efficacy for ‘hard to reach’ adolescent age group: 11 – 18 years
  • Conforms well to the SnapEd Framework for evaluation!

Adolescents achieve 3 levels of development –

  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: culinary, nutrition, team work and public speaking skills
  • WELLNESS LEADERSHIP: develop wellness campaigns to support  policy, system and environment (PSE) changes in their schools
  • INDEPENDENCE: become college-ready and self-reliant young adults

Learn about our school-district wide model for enhanced school meal participation!



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