Nibble with Willow: A Wholesome Animated Show Teaching Kids the Joy of Cooking and Nutrition

Nibble with Willow: A Wholesome Animated Show Teaching Kids the Joy of Cooking and Nutrition

Series is part of a play-based nutrition program for preschool and elementary students

Oct. 10, 2023

In an era where children’s programming is in search of fresh innovation, a new animated series, Nibble with Willow, is set to captivate young audiences and inspire healthy eating habits nationwide. Created by FamilyCook Productions, a pioneer in culinary nutrition education, the animated series is part of a play-based nutrition program that is poised to revolutionize how children learn about food.

Nibble with Willow, the brainchild of award-winning FamilyCook founder Lynn Fredericks, takes children on a delightful adventure into the world of culinary nutrition. This enchanting animated series stars Willow, a lovable bunny character, on whimsical journeys through her garden, where she educates kids about the magic of fresh ingredients and the art of cooking.

Designed with the goal of making learning fun, Nibble with Willow blends entertainment and education seamlessly. Through captivating storytelling and animation, this video series complements the classroom activities, offering further encouragement for children to explore the joy of preparing their own meals, igniting a lifelong passion for healthy eating.

Key Highlights of the Nibble with Willow Curriculum:

  • Engaging Education: Willow brings nutrition education to life in an entertaining and relatable way for children using the power of storytelling and engagement with finger puppets.
  • Life Skills: Kids gain valuable cooking skills and a deeper appreciation for the origins of their food.
  • Wholesome Entertainment: Parents will appreciate this enriching screen time option, while kids will adore Willow, the lovable character who guides them on their culinary adventures.
  • Turnkey Curriculum: Nibble with Willow is designed to seamlessly integrate into traditional preschool and elementary school curricula for an educational and entertaining experience.

The impact of Nibble with Willow and other FamilyCook programs extend far beyond the screen. Research consistently shows that positive influence on the food behaviors of youth extends to their peers and family members. This influence grows as students learn about and are engaged with food at all ages. By adolescence, youth in FamilyCook’s award-winning Teen Battle Chef program stay connected as leaders in their schools, supporting health initiatives in school gardens, cafeterias, and farmers markets. That’s why FamilyCook programs are accepted for Snap-Ed interventions.

“We are excited to introduce the animated Nibble with Willow series as part of the full curriculum experience and believe it will become a beloved part of children’s entertainment,” Fredericks said. “Our aim is to inspire healthy eating habits from a young age, and we’re confident that Willow’s adventures will achieve just that.”

Check out the FamilyCook Productions website for new seasonal episodes of Nibble with Willow. To learn more about the Nibble with Willow program and its innovative approach to nutrition education for children, contact us for demo at or call 212-867-3929.

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FamilyCook Productions is a leader in culinary nutrition education, committed to empowering individuals and communities to make healthier food choices. With a rich legacy of over 20 years, FamilyCook has impacted the lives of countless individuals, especially children and youth, through the power of cooking and nutrition education.

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