Tag: Culinary Medicine

INFOGRAPHIC: Drivers of Behavior Change

This Behavior Change infographic illustrates methods that teaching kitchens can employ to promote behavior change outcomes amongst participants, with the goal to improve nutrition and prevent lifestyle-related conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart disease: A few examples of the many ways FamilyCook programs create experiences to shift participants’ Core Values + Perceptions of their capabilities.…
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Challenges for Teaching Kitchens

A couple of weeks have passed since the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative Research Day, and I find myself still thinking through all of the amazing speakers and the research they presented. But while there are clever innovations in the Teaching Kitchen space, we still have work to do. Throughout the one-day event, some real challenges to our…
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Recap: Inaugural Teaching Kitchen Collaborative Research Day

Following the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative Research Day, I was inspired to summarize some of the key ideas and takeaways from the day that might influence how our Teaching Kitchen (TK) colleagues work together to innovate.

FamilyCook Productions Wins Robin Hood Foundation’s FUEL for 50 Challenge