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Success: the Purposeful Addiction

As we explore the tenth and final of our “10 Experiential Drivers of Behavior Change” you may ask: how can your Teaching Kitchen be set up for participants’ success? What does success mean at different age and stages of development? Sometimes we need to cross disciplines to fully understand the power of success to achieve…
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Skill Reinforcement: Driver of Behavior Change

Skill reinforcement is a driver of behavior change for healthy eating patterns.   I’m always a bit surprised at how much faith teaching kitchen program designers place on cooking demos. No question: Demos can be very inspiring. They provide concrete ideas. They teach radically different (and much healthier) meal concepts than what their audience (usually…
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Challenges for Teaching Kitchens

Challenges for Teaching Kitchens  Featured  Friday, 23 February 2018  Lynn Fredericks  News/Research Updates  533 Hits  0 Comments   A couple of weeks have passed since the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative Research Day, and I find myself still thinking through all of the amazing speakers and the research they presented. But while there are clever innovations in the…
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