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Moroccan Stew | Family Cook Productions

Moroccan Vegetable Stew

MOROCCAN VEGETABLE STEW  Prep Time: 15 minutesMakes 4 full or 10 tasting servings   That simple vegetables could be transformed into such a delectable flavor shows the power of artful use of spices. Once you have gathered the spices, this dish is very inexpensive to make again and again, yet so rich in flavor your family…
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Mercedes' Stew | FamilyCook Productions

Mercedes’ White Bean & Chorizo Spanish Stew 

This easy and delicious recipe is from our own FamilyCook RD, Mercedes Sanchez. It’s adapted from a recipe she enjoyed growing up in Madrid, Spain. 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸  Mercedes’ White Bean and Chorizo Spanish Stew    1/2 yellow onion  1/2 red or yellow bell pepper  1 small zucchini  2 cloves garlic  1/2 pound Spanish chorizo sausage or Portuguese linguica sausage (do…
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Tuscan Bean Soup | FamilyCook Productions

Restorative Tuscan Bean Soup

Restorative Tuscan Bean Soup  Friday, 12 January 2018  Lynn Fredericks  Recipes Cooking With Children International Food ExplorationsSeasonality Food Traditions/Celebrations  630 Hits  0 Comments Sturdy winter greens and pantry staples come together in this soothing soup. It is gluten free if you serve it without bread, and vegan if you make it with vegetable broth. Tuscan Bean Soup Recipe…
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Winter Minestrone | Family Cook Productions

Warming Winter Minestrone

Warming Winter Minestrone  Featured  Monday, 01 January 2018  Lynn Fredericks  Food Traditions/Celebrations Recipes Cooking With ChildrenInternational Food Explorations Seasonality  589 Hits  0 Comments This is a delicious winter soup that cooks in an hour, yielding a thick texture and delicious melding of veggies. The cheese offers just enough additional flavor richness. A good way to get many vitamins and fiber…
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Chai Spice Mix | Family Cook Productions

Chai Spice Mix Recipe

Chai Spice Mix Recipe  Thursday, 21 December 2017  Lynn Fredericks  Seasonality International Food Explorations RecipesFood Traditions/Celebrations  687 Hits  0 Comments Use this aromatic Chai Spice blend for a festive way to spice up your holiday meals.  It adds a wonderful dimension to pancakes, applesauce, eggnog, lattes, spiced nuts and warm buttered toast.  And it’s especially delicious in all…
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Mussels Provencal | Family Cook Productions

Delicious and Easy Mussels Provencal Recipe

Delicious and Easy Mussels Provencal Recipe  Sunday, 10 December 2017  Lynn Fredericks  Cooking With Children Teen Battle Chefs International Food ExplorationsRecipes  753 Hits  0 Comments Mussels -they build muscles 💪🏻💪🏻💥 and are so underrated. This is your 💰 saving seafood choice! They are widely available and incredibly rich in protein, iron and vitamin B-12 – all of…
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Fall Roasted Veggies | Family Cook Productions

Festive Roasted Fall Vegetables

Festive Roasted Fall Vegetables  Tuesday, 15 December 2015  Lynn Fredericks  Recipes  2206 Hits  0 Comments Festive Roasted Fall Vegetables Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Yield: 4 to 6 servings Additional Cooking Equipment: Baking sheet or roasting pan. For the most appealing result, select root veggies of contrasting colors. You can leave the…
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Denmark Salad | FamilyCook Productions

From Denmark to the Farmers’ Market

From Denmark to the Farmers’ Market  Wednesday, 09 October 2013  Lynn Fredericks  International Food Explorations  4874 Hits  0 Comments I have been so lucky as to be a part of the FamilyCook Productions team through my nutrition internship, and what an experience it has been. Today I went to Hammarskjold Plaza farmers’ market, and I literally…
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Summer Paella | Family Cook Productions

Emilio’s Summer Paella

Emilio’s Summer Paella  Friday, 23 August 2013  Mercedes Sanchez  Recipes  5316 Hits  0 Comments How about surprising your family and friends with a paella for Labor Day? Paella is a traditional Spanish dish and a great recipe concept to accommodate lots of people, all with one pot. Like many of our recipe concepts in Get Your…
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Emma's Fig Quesadilla | FamilyCook Productions

Emma’s Quesadilla

Emma’s Quesadilla  Sunday, 14 July 2013  Lynn Fredericks  Cooking With Children  4953 Hits  0 Comments Let your kids try their hand at modifying a recipe… When my sons were little, my English neighbor Michelle was also a single mom. We often cooked and shared meals together, forming our own hybrid family to help us cope…
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